Weight loss Motivation – Why they’re a human’s best friend

Weight Loss – I actually came up with a new years resolution this year, that I have been able to stick to… weight loss. I’ve tried before and failed, I’m no good at diets, I love my food too much, so this time I decided it would be with exercise, just walking actually, twice a day.

So far I’ve lost 10kg and it’s mostly because of my mate Mack (who was also told by the vet he was porky and could do with some walks). Once he worked out how much fun walking was he started to guilt trip me when we didn’t go. This included standing with his nose against the front door and pretending he’s stuck there unless the door opens. Looking at me forlornly and moaning or getting so excited that he spins in a circle constantly till I pick up the lead. I thought it would be so much harder to stick to the walking every day, but I laugh so much at his excitement he gives me the motivation to keep it up. Mack’s excitement is contagious.

We mostly walk around the Patawalonga in Glenelg, but his favourite places are the beaches at Brighton or West Beach or Kuitpo Forest. Today though we celebrated with a photo shoot. Mack, however had other ideas and decided to refuse to look at the camera and only look at me. Who am I to complain about puppy love though.

Puppy Love

I’d be lying if I said there weren’t days even Mack couldn’t get me out, especially on freezing cold rainy days and I’m glad there’s no recording device near the scales because I’ve called them some nasty names in the last 7 months, but I do know I couldn’t have done it without my puppy.

I’d love to know what other gifts and secrets you have to keep motivated in losing weight. If you are trying to lose weight like me I wish you all the very best and suggest you buy a fur baby.

Q xx



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